Baja Auto Insurance

Baja Auto Insurance

Baja auto insurance is an exclusive service provider of auto insurance in Texas. They pride in offering excellent services and insurance products from commercially strong businesses. In fact low prices and excellent services is what Baja auto insurance is known for. 

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A family-owned yet very professional business-up, Baja has a made a place in the market for helping their clients in buying insurance and insurance products. Guidance, information and education regarding the insurance policies and its related products suiting the requirements of the clients are provided by Baja auto insurance to their thousands of clients located in Texas.

Besides their numerous locations in Texas, the website of Baja auto insurance is quite simple, user-friendly and detailed with sections for policy, claims and locations being clearly specified. In addition to this, their resources section is amply filled with FAQs, auto insurance tips and auto insurance glossary that elucidates you on common auto insurance terms, gives insurance-related topics and some common insurance related niggling questions. Their service of providing free online quotes and online buying of insurance is quite simple and easy. 

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Baja auto insurance offices are widely dispersed in Texas. In fact presently they have 59 offices that are located all over Texas. Though most their offices are located in Dallas and Houston, they also have their workplaces at Fort Worth, Garland, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and San Marcos. Most of their locations are open from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday being closed. However with business growth and to accommodate clients, Baja had now decided to keepthree of their locations open even on Sundays. This has been made to provide excellent and immediate service to the clients. Their online customer service in the business hours is excellent and helps clients answer all their insurance related queries.


If you want to know the car insurance policy quote, just go to their quote now section and click on it. Their new webpage will ask for your contact information i.e. name, email address and phones numbers. Just fill them. Similarly, fill all relevant details as asked in the page. After carefully studying your requirements, a call will be made to you from Baja to properly and effectively guide you in relation to the auto insurance policy that suits you the most and regarding the process of procuring them. 


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Besides, catering to their clients’ insurance needs, Baja auto insurance also looks into their clients’ claim part by having an advocate at their facility. This is because though one reads and follows the auto insurance policies as much as possible, an accident is something that can occur suddenly, without warning. Auto insurance claims made during such an event require suitable advice from qualified and experienced lawyer.  Besides listening and responding to their client’s auto insurance needs, Baja auto insurance takes care of their claims by employing an advocate at their facility. The advocate at Baja not only protects the interests of their clients but also knows how to get outcomes in their favour. One has to just make a call at their offices in their business hours to get their questions answered. In case someone has queries during the night or weekends, please leave a message on their website, fax it to them or leave a voice mail  Your queries get answered immediately.


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